Facilitator Training Programme

Moving Shaking And Tapping Towards A More Stress Free South Africa

A certified stressSA facilitator will be competent to share these easy anxiety and stress management techniques with people of all ages and walks of life. Our aim is bring stressSA to the masses, helping as many people as possible manage their anxiety and stress levels. Imagine a South Africa with less chronic stress – you can help us to turn that vision into a reality.

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Schedule for Facilitator Training

(Consist of 3 weekends – a total of 8 weeks)

Module 1

Weekend 1

  • Learn MST to manage your own stress & anxiety. This is a stand-alone workshop and is compulsory to certify as a stressSA Facilitator.

First 4 weeks after Weekend 1

  • 4 weeks of self-study, practising MST and completion of self-reflection forms.

Module 2

Weekend 2

  • Assessment of competency in using MST techniques.

4 weeks following Weekend 2

  • Continued self-study as trainee StresSA Facilitator.
    Facilitating 2 “clients” through the MST process

Weekend 3

  • Final assessment and certification.

The stressSA facilitator code of conduct

  • MST consists of self-help, body-based techniques to empower people to manage their own anxiety and stress.
  • Our mission is to reach as many people as possible for them to use this technique in a self-help environment. A self-help environment is when you take responsibility for managing your own anxiety and stress.
  • The MST techniques are not to be used as a therapeutic tool in any way, but rather as an educational experience.
  • Our core philosophy is that StressSA facilitators reaches as many people as possible, especialy those who do not have the resources or access to seek traditional assistance in anxiety and stress management.
  • Our vision is for stressSA facilitators to volunteer their services to outreach programmes in their own areas and communities, such as churches, community centres, schools, after care facilities, clubs etc.
  • Our motto is practise what you teach. Only then will you as Facilitator truly connect in integrity with your clients. As we take responsibility for our own wellbeing, so our clients will start to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. We lead by example
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