Learn to Manage Your Anxiety And Stress

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We all suffer from some form of stress or anxiety. In fact, your stress causes your anxiety. By following easy moving and shaking techniques (MST), StressSA shows you how to manage your anxiety and stress at home. By using your breath, easy movements and gentle stretching, you can unlock your body’s natural ability to shake off excess anxiety and stress.

Our free MST video resources will show you how easily you can do MST at home. You can also join our vision of bringing MST to diverse communities by becoming a trained stressSA Facilitator and helping individuals or groups from all socio-economical backgrounds manage their anxiety and stress.

Get Started With MST

Our free 6 minute MST video walkthrough and step by step guide will show you how easily you can do MST at home right now. No costs or signup needed. What are you waiting for…

Our Vision

A country where South Africans of all ages and walks of life can manage their own anxiety and stress levels, and contribute to lessening a variety of social problems and dysfunctional behaviour.

Our Mission

To provide training in body-based, self-empowering, self-help anxiety and stress management techniques to adults in South Africa. Further training as a certified stressSA Facilitator will empower adults to safely facilitate MST with adults or children one-to-one or in groups.

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